Episode 455 – Heroes Con 2019 Diary

We returned to Heroes Con in Charlotte once again! Chris got a tattoo, Matt made some decisions, we partied and we celebrated a birthday. See you next year, Heroes Con!

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One thought on “Episode 455 – Heroes Con 2019 Diary”

  1. When I look at that tattoo, I remember the agonized, tortured “Yeeeeeees!” of Tully Blanchard as he submitted in that match. It’s a good sign when a tattoo can evoke that kind of visceral reaction.

    I can only imagine how difficult it is to make a comic that develops a following. As you mentioned, the mainstream interest is in superheroes and it is hard to stand out in an independent comic market chockablock with amazing talent that you highlight on your podcast.

    That being said, you both have gone through the difficult process of making comics and come out the other side with published products. Not everyone in your field can make that claim. Best of luck with your projects and thank you, as always, for the great podcast.

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