Episode 9 – Championship Edition w/ Tom Peyer

Comics writer Tom Peyer stops by to talk politics and responds to the rabid fanbase of Legion of Super-Heroes once and for all. Also, Chris Haley of Let’s Be Friends Again sits in the third chair, as we discuss….well, you don’t want to know what we discuss.

The Rundown:

  • For more information on everything about Tom Peyer, please visit his website here. Also, Tom’s on twitter. Also, buy Tom’s works on Amazon.
  • Check out Let’s Be Friends Again at their website. Also, Curt and Chris are on twitter. Be sure you tell them “domo arigato” for me.
  • As mentioned in the episode, Telltale Games has come out with a new episode of their series of Monkey Island games. You can check out more on the website.
  • Keep checking out The Awesomed by Comics Podcast.
  • Big Ups: check out Sims’s best Draculas post on ComicsAlliance.
  • Sims has been churning out great content at not only The ISB, but also at ComicsAlliance and Heavy.com. Please check them out if you get a chance.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com for some fresh rhymes and dope beats. Also, you can download the latest beef track there in mp3 high quality form.

WarRock and our Ninth Guest!


Hello War Rocketeers (I’m still working on what to call you guys). Euge here. If you haven’t listened to our newest Episode, I’ve announced a new music project and website for my raps and swears. But seriously, AdamWarRock.com is now up and running, and while I’m getting the concept album written, recorded, produced, and mastered (release sometime in 2010, DJ producer announcement is coming within the next week, hopefully), I’ll be posting up tracks, both old and new and sorta-new, to the site on a regular basis. So check it out, and please, if you want to join in on the fun, email adamwarrockmixtape_at_gmail.com, beats, rhymes, or life all accepted. Hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll have over an album’s worth of tracks posted up there. I write and record A LOT, so stay tuned to the site.

But enough of that. For our NINTH episode, we have with us special guest Tom Peyer, writer of many titles, including Hourman, Legion of Super-Heroes, and of course, Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen.  We’ll be recording with Tom this Friday, the 16th, so be sure to email or twitter us your questions, as we roll along with the show!

Also, be sure to check out Awesomed By Comics latest diss track, sorta, to us in Episode 63 at this link. I’m preparing something special for them in response. Not sure when I’ll have it done though. PREPARE YOURSELVES EVIE AND AARON.

Episode 8 – The Bonus Round w/ SPX 2009

It’s the Bonus Round! As our resident artist Rusty Shackles debuts on the War Rocket Ajax program. Matt Wilson a/k/a King Oblivion PhD comes back to talk about the Marvel Swimsuit Issues. I go to SPX 2009 and report from the floor. And we talk about the conclusion to Planetary and take your twitter questions for US. Who can smash the car FASTER?

SPX Show Notes:

  • First and foremost, for all information about SPX, go to the website.
  • Everything about my co-host Alvaro is at his website, Here Comes the Thunder. To hear the Everything is Wonderful guys intervewed on PYDK, check it out here.
  • Check out more of Joe Dunn and Phil Chan’s work at DigitalPimpOnline.com
  • For more information on Liz Baillie’s stuff, check out her website. Also, check out the winners of this year’s Ignatz winners and Nerdlingers winners.
  • You can see all of Phil McAndrew’s stuff at his website, and hear him interviewed on PYDK here.
  • Check out Box Brown’s works at his website, as well as his webcomic Bellen.
  • For more information on Colleen and Marianne’s dedication to Lumberjack Day, as well as The Field Guide to Lumberjacks, go to the website.
  • Also I guess check out Curt and Chris at Let’s Be Friends Again.

Show Notes:

  • Swimsuit pic #1: click here
  • Swimsuit pic #2: click here
  • Check out Rusty’s Covered Blog Spiderwoman piece here! Also, be sure to head over to his website for more of his awesome artwork.
  • For more info on Matt and The ISS, check out the website. Here’s the article that he talked about in the haters segment, written by Dr. Puppykicker.
  • Check out Chris’s Comics Alliance facebook article here. Also everywhere else it was linked to this week.
  • Check out the War Rocket Ajax crew on the Between the Panels podcast, Blackest Night Special Rise #3 at the website here.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com and let’s get this party started quickly right?
  • Holy mother of god, how many show notes did we have?

Episode 7 – Peace Rocket Ajax w/ Benito Cereno

What’s beef? We start off blazing with our new beef track against the Awesomed By Comics crew. Then writer Benito Cereno comes on the program to usher in October with some talk about Hector Plasm, as well as putting his own sorta-Internet beef to bed. We also have Kevin Church stopping by to address a particularly intense hater’s beef regarding a certain bodily function. All in this jampacked edition of War Rocket Ajax.

The Show Rundown

  • Our guest: Please check out Benito’s blog here! Check him out on twitter here.
  • The Tick! Ask your retailer to order it with the code: SEP09 0937. Or order it online here! You know you want it, suckers!
  • Our third chair: You can find out more information about Kevin at his website, or at Agreeable Comics, where you can also find all of his webcomics like: She Died in Terrbonne, The Rack, and The Loneliest Astronauts. Also follow him on twitter.
  • Read Sims’ Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. over at Action Age Comics. And check out artist Chris Piers on twitter, or over at the Television Zombies podcast.
  • Check out our friends at the Awesomed By Comics podcast, where they put together a fantastic show!
  • If you’re not reading Nedroid, you’re missing out.
  • Kate Beaton, I’m sorry I accidentally emailed you a story about a microwave bacon cooker. Hope you can come on a future episode of War Rocket Ajax!
  • Please check out Nate Powell’s great graphic novel, Swallow Me Whole from Top Shelf Productions. Also, I said they were twins. They’re step-siblings. Sorry about that, but check it out, it’s a magnificent book.
  • Beat used is “On Golden Void” from Alex Goose’s compilation of submitted beats for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3. Check them out here.
  • Big Ups! – Master Kevin Church wishes you big ups, sir. And Chris wishes you guys big ups too.
  • Make sure you read Chris’s hilarious ongoing “Worst of Netflix” series on Heavy.com.
  • If you like interview shows, check out my other podcast, The People You Don’t Know.
  • All links should open up in new windows. Sorry about that, streaming listeners! Though the sidebar amazon links may not, since those are autogenerated. And sorry about the size of this file, the bit rate was as low as it could go. Nothing could be done about it.

I’m Glad Y’all Set It Off. And the Seventh Guest!


If you haven’t listened to Episode 61 of the Awesomed by Comics Podcast, which contains their diss track to the War Rocket Ajax crew, I suggest you do it right now. Here, here’s their link. No, even better, here is an embedded player for you to listen to it right here on this site:

I want everyone to hear it, so that when our response debuts on next week’s episode, you can even further appreciate the lyrical murderpocalypse that will occur in your ears.

As if you needed ANY more reason to listen to Episode 7, our guest is going to be Benito Cereno, author of Tales from the Bully Pulpit, Hector Plasm, Invincible Presents Atom Eve, and the forthcoming new Tick series from New England comics. We are recording with him TONIGHT, so if you have any questions, email or tweet them at us son!

Ajax out.

Episode 6 – The Hard Questions w/ Laura Hudson

Comics journalist, blogger and industry professional Laura Hudson stops by to talk about professionalism in comics journalism, women in comics, and her personal history of being a cashier at a comics store. Also, Matt Wilson stops by again, as we talk about a very special 1990’s comic phenomenon.

The Show Rundown

  • Our guest: please read Laura Hudson’s work at Comics Alliance. Check her out on twitter here. Also, be sure you check out her series, “Don’t Be That Guy” on Comics Alliance.
  • Marvel Swimsuit Pic 1: The Wasp
  • Marvel Swimsuit Pic 2: Dr. Strange
  • Marvel Swimsuit Pic 3: Captain America
  • Read Andrew’s dead on review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 at his site, Armagideon Time.
  • For more examples of the de-nudifying effect, like artists turning thongs to bike shorts, check out this post from Dave’s Long Box.
  • Check out Awesomed By Comics and their response to “W.R.A.” The beef is on, EVIE AND AARON.
  • Check out Matt’s website, The ISS, here. Check out Matt on twitter here.
  • Make sure you read Chris’s hilarious ongoing “Worst of Netflix” series on Heavy.com.
  • If you like interview shows, check out my other podcast, The People You Don’t Know.
  • I cannot believe I got this episode edited and this post up on time with the SPX madness this weekend. If I forgot something in the show notes, I’ll be updating it throughout the week. I just wanted to get the show up in time. I am going to collapse now.

Sixth Guest! Laura Hudson! The Hard Questions!


We’re recording our sixth episode tonight with Laura Hudson, lead blogger of Comics Alliance, contributing editor at Publisher Weekly’s Comics Week, and former senior editor at Comic Foundry magazine. She’ll be talking about comics journalism, as we ask her the hard questions that Chris and I are so well known for.

Be emailing or twittering your own hard hitting questions for Laura tonight. We’re going to start recording with her at 9PM eastern time.

Podcasters Act Like They Don’t Know

Hollywood Boulevard

Ahem. Euge here….So let me explain. You all know how much of a hip hop head I am. Sometime in late high school, early college I began rapping at parties as mostly a goof. As college went on, I put together a home studio and recorded some demos and began performing live shows. And then after a long hiatus, I recently started working with some producers to put out some proper music in the form of a hip hop album that is forthcoming.

I was joking with Sims online that I was going to make a “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)” like song about War Rocket Ajax. And this weekend, while I was recording some other tracks and had the equipment set up, I chopped up the instrumental and then wrote out a street anthem to the D.O.A. beat. And after blowing up Sims’s inbox, he convinced me to post this. So here it is.

(Track) or listen:

I’ve already been told by Evie of Awesomed by Comics that the beef is on. So let this also be a challenge to any comics blog/podcast out there that wants to start rap beef with the War Rocket Ajax crew. I will answer, and I have the second instrumental loaded in the chamber. That goes for you too, Jeph Loeb.

Otherwise, all in good fun. HOVA.

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